HR Support

A group of HR professionals chatting over lunch at the CIPD annual conference and exhibition discovered that they were all dissatisfied with the employee management support services that was then available in the marketplace.

Just for fun, and because the best way to change a situation is to act, they decided to map out what their ideal employee management support service would look like.

That ideal service would

Support as Unique to You

Unique to you

Bring together generalist and specialist professionals to create a service that recognises the uniqueness of you and your organisation.

Relieve you of the day to day pressures, by cutting through the jargon to give you the right support, at the right time in a way that is designed around what you need, and adapts to meet your changing needs

Key Contact

Someone you know

You’ll meet your H2R manager, and you will meet them regularly so that you can discuss any employee related issues.

Understands your business

Your H2R manager is a HR professional with wide ranging industrial experience, who has successfully handled the full spectrum of HR issues that you are likely to experience.

Professionally Qualified

Your H2R manager and all the other professionals in your H2R support team will be qualified members of an appropriate professional body.

Your H2R manager will have as a result of their professional knowledge and their proven record of successfully applying that knowledge have been recognised as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).


First Point of Contact

First Contact

Your first point of contact will be your H2R manager. They are on hand to answer any questions, provide advice and be your guide through the implementation of your HR strategy.


The H2R telephone advice team are available for when your H2R manager is helping someone else.


Contact your H2R manager or the H2R support team by email or on-line anytime.

Basics Covered


Document Library
Document Library In the United Kingdom Abeceder works with top 45 solicitors Weightmans LLP to create a library of employment documents.

In other countries we work with the H2R international network of solicitors 

The basis of your relationship with your employees, written in straight forward language

Written in straight-forward language to reflect the relationship you want with your employees.

Describing in straight-forward language the logical procedures that work for your organisation 

Standard letters frameworks written in straight forward language covering a wide range of employment related scenarios

Tailored to your needs

Every aspect of your H2R support service is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, and help you develop hiring to retiring relationships with your employees that increase productivity, and improve engagement.

Getting the
Basics right

Get the basics right, and everything else falls into place, preventing the problems that many employers spend so much time dealing with.

Specialist Advice

When you need it

Working alongside your H2R manager, when you need it, is a team of professionals covering every aspect of employment.

Fully briefed by your key contact

Your relationship with this specialist team will be managed by your H2R manager

Weightmans LLP are the principle provider of employment and health and safety law support to Abeceder H2R

Health and safety
IoSH qualified health and safety consultants

Recruitment and selection
Local, national and international recruiters can support you find the right person for any vacancy in any location 

Training and Development
The extensive team of trainers at Work Place Learning Centre are on-hand to help create and deliver the blended learning that your organisation needs 

Pay and Benefits
H2R has the expertise to both create a pay strategy and run the payroll including a comprehensive benefits package 

H2R has an extensive team of experts covering all the numerous and varied activities that HR departments get involved in

HR Rely

HR Rely

You can enhance your H2R support package with HR Rely the Weightmans LLP service that covers all of your employment law needs.